Vision & Mission

“Your future begins here”


We believe that individuals possess talents as well as aptitude and if nurtured, educated and trained through an open transfer of knowledge from any culture or civilization in the world, will be able to play a role in developing themselves, society and the nation. Based on this philosophy, we aim to produce professional and semi-professional graduates with academic excellence, high ethical and moral values.

Our Values

    • Commitment
    • Teamwork
    • Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Achievement


The mission is to be a leading, broad-based institution of higher education, serving regional, national and international needs, characterised by :

  • the outstanding quality of its teaching
  • its concern for the extension of access to programmes which are responsive to the needs of students, employers and other clients.
  • its involvement with continuing education
  • its dedication to the development of the full potential of its students and to their better preparation for employment through the development of not only their intellectual capacities but also enterprise, competencies and personal skills
  • its determination to create equal opportunities and raise awareness of diversity
  • its building of mutual respect and harmony and ensuring a conducive learning environment
  • its vision to be a global entity by spreading its wings to the international community