Department of Student Affairs and Alumni (DSAA)

Our Department of Student Affairs and Alumni (DSAA) is taking full responsibility to help you unleash your potential by offering value added services that enables you to excel not only in academic but also other areas of life. We are organising and providing guidance on the following support services: –

  • New Student Orientation Programmes
  • Sports and Recreation Clubs
  • Student Counselling Services
  • Student Satisfaction and Feedback
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities
  • Industrial Talks
  • Internship & Job Placement and Career Advisory
  • Alumni Relations


DSAA is also aimed to deliver and assist you to have a better understanding of students’ responsibilities and preparing you to be ready to handle challenges with positive attitudes. We are focusing in organising events and activities that could help you to improve on the following essential skills: –

  • Adjusting to the campus life
  • Effective communication skills
  • Social interaction skills
  • Personal development, entrepreneurship and leadership skills
  • Students’ rights, engagement and responsibilities
  • Time management and stress reduction
  • Current industrial trend and demand
  • Personal grooming
  • Interview and resume writing skills
  • Alumni networks


Below are the advantages of studying at the city campus of Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia: –

  • Easy access to public amenities
  • Diverse culture and ethnic groups
  • Varieties of food for all races and the famous Ipoh cuisine
  • Lower cost of living (comparing to Kuala Lumpur)


While you are a student, we hope that you could enjoy your campus life to the fullest and at the same time, take every opportunity to participate in any interested activities to make yourself a better person!

Your Future Begins Here! We would like to welcome you to visit us and glad to serve you soon!

DSAA Contact Details
Tel: +605 241 6799 Ext. 132
Fax: +605 241 1659

Our Department of Student Affairs and Alumni (DSAA) aim to provide students with a well-balanced combination of academic and out-of-class activities. We are here to guide students to gain knowledge and to utilise their time in a positive and constructive way.

Our Sports and Recreation Clubs are ranging from indoor to outdoor activities, providing you with great opportunities to meet new people and to experience a completely different life at campus and college.

Engaging in sports and recreation activities not only enhances your physical well-being, but also helps you to build holistic personal development as well as understanding of cultural and social needs and responsibilities.

Ping Pong

Students Representative Council
Malay Cultural Club
Chinese Cultural Club
Indian Cultural Club
Alumni Club

The Campus Services Unit (CSU) is responsible in managing the student hostel to observe cleanliness, maintenance, and provide the security and safety of the hostel. We encourage integration of hostel residents while observing the hostel rules and regulations.

Hostel warden is available to assist the residents for the needful arrangement and at the same time, adjusting to an independent lifestyle while away from home. We urge everyone’s collaboration to ensure that you would enjoy living at the City Centre hostel, which support your learning and personal development.

Advantages of staying at our Greentown Suria hostel:-

√   Within 3-minute walking distance to the College
√   Located in the City Centre
√   With 24-hour security services/ CCTV surveillance
√   Shopping malls, F&B outlets and convenient stores within walking distance


o   Cupboard with lock
o   Dining table with chairs
o   Fan
o   Iron board
o   Mattress and individual bed
o   Pantry
o   Study table & chair

Please contact us for more information and we would be glad to serve you!

Campus Services Unit (CSU) Contact Details
Tel: +605 241 6799   Ext. 130
Fax: +605 241 1659

Hostel Application Form

Counselling and Career Unit under the Department of Student Affairs and Alumni (DSAA) is established to provide students with quality counselling services. Our counselling services not only assist students to explore their potential for personal, academic and social development to facilitate the process of adapting to the campus life but also help them to deal with their emotional and disciplinary issues. Apart from that, our Unit also provide students with career related services and organizing beneficial programmes to the students.

Our counsellor is registered with the Board of Counsellors Malaysia (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia, LKM) and follows the Counselor Act 1998 (Act 580) in handling the confidential information of the students. The counselling services are conducted through individual or group advisory/ counselling sessions, psychological tests, mentoring sessions and also through some personal development programmes. Students are also given flexibility in discussing their problems or issues with the counsellor through:-

i)   Face-to-face

ii)  Telephone Counselling

iii) Online Counselling

iv) Other platforms as recommended (depending on the suitability)

Come and visit us! We would be glad to serve and assist you.

Contact Details
Department of Student Affairs and Alumni (Level 3)
Office Hours: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday to Friday)
(excluding public holidays)
Tel: +605 241 6799 Ext. 129

In our firm and determined efforts to maintain high standards of service for our students, we offer assistance when applying for financial aid, provided certain stipulated conditions are met. Whether submitting an application to a state foundation, a public agency or a private organization, we are here to ensure that the different needs of students who apply are met as closely, or as relevantly as possible to what their requirements may be.